A little bit about ME

So it is currently GMT : 20:51 exactly 20 minutes after I launched this blog and I gathered that you might want to know a little bit about me. I’m a London teenager who is currently battling many illnesses along side the daily problems about being a teenager in today’s society although to be honest. .. haven’t we all been a teenager and won’t we all be one ??? Anyway… It would take too log to go through each and everyone if my illnesses and frankly… what is the point ??? Not only would it be wasting your time but funny enough it would be wasting mine. However I am going to state probably the main shit I’ve been though just so you get the jist.  I am currently battling with cancer, depression and suicide to name a few and I’m sure many of you ell know someone or been through something similar. Now… from now on the illnesses above are going to be referred to as the Bullshit. … okay.